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Dear fellow constituent,

Dear Fellow Constituent,

On Thursday 27th August, you will have the opportunity to vote in the by-election for 2 seats in the House of Keys. I would be very honoured to serve you as your MHK for Douglas South, to unite our voices and represent our proud constituency. In shaping policy, I see two aspects; firstly the type of society we want, a caring and prosperous society, a society that provides equal opportunity, quality education and a safety net. No one should be homeless or be deciding between heat or eat. As a Manx person living in Douglas South, I have a deep understanding of the diverse neighbourhood we have. Your strong community spirit overflows, and I am humbled by your resolve and utter will to fight during the Covid 19 pandemic, and now through our economic crisis. Secondly, strengthening our economy will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the nation. I have fought for the interests of thousands of national workers during Covid 19. My proven track record is a testament to my resolve and determination to do what is right, and to build a vibrant community, where a hard worker can be successful and thrive in a flourishing economic climate. I know that it will be a challenge to achieve all that I want to in one year before the General Election, but know that I will lead by example, in truth, honesty, and transparency. I am the candidate who is strong, decisive and understands what you need to succeed. I have listened, and hope that my manifesto represents our collective voice, and I am willing to add to this as I gather wider input from you all in Douglas South. It is a statement of my commitment to work for you, and a road map on how I am going to achieve this.

I look forward to seeing you on Election Day.

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