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Dear fellow constituent,

Dear Fellow Constituent,

My name is Claire Christian; I was elected in August last year as your Douglas South MHK.  I am pleased to write to you to confirm I will be standing again in the General Election on the 23rd September in the hope to represent you again.

What you need to know about me personally is, I am Manx born and a company Director of my own business.  Although, since becoming an MHK, I have relinquished my duties and I devote all of my time to serve you.  I have lived in Douglas South for the last 7 years.  I have 14 years of international business experience in retail and manufacturing, and I am a fully qualified secondary school teacher.

I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks, and finding out more about the issues that really matter to you, and will be incorporating these into my manifesto.

At the forefront of my campaign is protecting your personal safety.  My Covid vaccination status is 2 +2.  I will do a lateral flow test daily whilst canvassing, practice good hygiene at all times, will wear a face covering and social distance (if you require).  I understand not everyone will be comfortable talking face to face, so I am ready to talk to you over the phone or via face-time etc. at a time to suit you.

It has been a privilege to serve you these past 9 months.  I have honoured the promises I made to you in my by-election campaign, and continue to be a strong voice on your behalf.  These were not just empty promises.  One of my key duties has been to listen to your concerns and act upon them, in order to best represent our proud and diverse constituency.  I want to provide you with a brief summary of the constituency and national issues that I have put my energy and drive into, as well as some of my thoughts for our future priorities.

You told me, and I listened:

  • You wanted an accessible MHK, an MHK you wanted to see regularly, not just every 5 years
  • You wanted a better relationship between you, Douglas Borough Council and your MHKs
  • Our roads and pavements were in a poor state of repair
  • Local services need to be maintained and developed
  • There is a problem with anti social behavior and crime
  • There are issues with the crisis team and the mental health service.
  • There are problems with accessibility and equality on our bus service
  • The cost of living is too high
  • We need an MHK who isn’t in it for the money
  • We need a Sexual Assault Referral Centre
  • How are you going to pay for everything you are suggesting?
  • You need to hold the government to account
  • You told me you wanted a strong voice in Parliament to better represent you

The actions I took…

  • Established regular local Newsletter and Douglas South Political Surgeries.
  • Built Key Relationships – working closely with Douglas Borough Council on housing transfers and improvements
  • Douglas South Road and Pavement Improvements – I achieved a swift repair campaign of potholes and lanes as part of an ongoing campaign to improve Douglas South
  • Maintained and Developed Local Services – I worked with essential stakeholders and lobbied to maintain Snaefell Surgery in Douglas South. Coordinated with the MUA to ensure electric top up machines are still available in the community for those who will not have smart meters. Worked with local police on traffic calming measuresEstablished a breakfast club with 2 local primary schools, Anagh Coar School and Manor Park School with the support of the Head Master and a local supermarket. Listened to and worked with residents to improve the bus diversion timetable, finding solutions, and putting the needs of the elderly, young and the vulnerable first.  Identified policy reforms required for future developments that will affect people and businesses with bus diversions.
  • Anti Social Behavior and Crime Reduction – Developed relationships with community police, and educational services to reduce anti social behavior. Introduced CCTV in some of the higher crime areas.
  • Mental Health – Raised the mental health agenda in Parliament, lobbying for more capacity for the overstretched crisis team. Pushing for more support for the immediate and long-term aftercare of family and relatives affected by attempted or completed suicide.
  • Equality and Accessibility – As chairman of the Bus Vannin Accessibility Steering group I am leading the recommendations for the department to adopt the CPT Voluntary Code of Best Practice for the use and acceptance of mobility scooters on low floor buses with the strategic direction for accessibility to Bus Vannin Services.
  • Reducing the Cost of Living – Voted against the Manx Gas deal in November, and FOR Manx Gas to be regulated, to help reduce cost of living.
  • Voted against the Emoluments Bill – for the pay restructuring for MHKs and MLC, as I believe we should not be setting our pay, this should be agreed by an external body.
  • SARC – Supported and lobbied government in the expedient creation of the Sexual Assault Referral Centre.
  • To strengthen our long-term financial position, my manifesto proposal was for government to create sovereign bonds of prudent investments– this was adopted and announced in 2021 Budget. Growing our strategic reserve will sustain and benefit the future generations of our nation, and support the cost of services.
  • Holding the Government to Account – Raised the issue of block voting by Comin being used to prevent questions in Tynwald and House of Keys and encouraged the public to lobby other MHKs to vote to continue questions. Standing Orders have now been changed to allow questions to continue with a majority vote of only 13.  During the Courts and Tribunals and Local Authority Procedures Bill 2020 I held a committee of the house to successfully challenge a loophole that would have prevented a basic human right to free legal advice under the new policy.  I voted for the Climate Change Bill to be brought forward from 2050 to 2035.  I advocate for legally prescribed medicinal cannabis.  Raised and continue to push the debate on medicinal cannabis being prescribed on the island for patients.  Continue to challenge the DHSC urging government to follow Jersey Model where only a few GPs are needed to prescribe.

The last 9 months have also provided me with the opportunity to support you as your voice to government during the Covid 19 crisis.  This has included:

  • Continued Business and Self-Employed Support – I have continued to be the conduit between businesses, self-employed and government. I challenged Treasury to make financial support during lockdowns more expedient and to reach wider sectors as families faced enormous pressure waiting for financial assistance.
  • National Insurance Education – Pressured Treasury to educate and inform self employed people about Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance so they can gain access to Covid 19 Financial Support Schemes.
  • Island Protection – Publicly supported on-island genomic sequencing. Continue to support all people in different circumstances throughout the border posture changes.  Requested regular testing on IOMSPC employees in Tynwald on the 18th Feb, which was then adopted on the 26th  Requested Comin to publish a wider symptom list to better identify Covid outbreaks in our community.
  • Common Travel Pass – Urged government from February to develop a common travel pass with proof of vaccination.

Our future priorities…

I have a huge depth of understanding the local economy, and I believe I have the right experience to take us through the next phase of the pandemic, support our economy and protect jobs.  I will continue to work hard for you, and fully understand the pressures so many families face in these difficult times.  I am proactive, which means that I will always put Douglas South constituents first and look for the problems that will affect you, trying to solve them before they become an issue.

I will:

  • continue to maintain and protect accessible local primary health care and services.
  • champion excellent community education.
  • develop a fair and affordable housing strategy.
  • strive for a streamlined government with centralised national priorities and policy.
  • drive a dynamic economy with job security and growth.
  • push for the development of a world-class mental health system.

I have strived to keep my promises to you, to listen, to act, and to be your voice.  I have passion and drive, and I hope that you will vote for me on the 23rd September, so that I can continue to make an impact on the decisions which are made that effect our daily lives, and, most importantly, to serve you.

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